WhatsApp bulk messages via the WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business app is best suited for small businesses that have a limited number of customers and want to send broadcast messages. It is a free app for startups, small businesses, and individuals. Small businesses can create an Account using step-by-step guide to create a Whatsapp Business Account and connect with prospective customers to boost their sales. The question arises: Can you use the WhatsApp Business App for your business? You definitely can. However, it is not possible for customers on a large scale.

Now, we will discuss pros and cons of Whatsapp Business API to give you a clear picture:


  • Free to use

  • Reach out to many people


  • broadcasting limit of only 256 contacts

  • Messages reach only those contacts who have saved your number.

  • There is no verified green tick.

  • limited to only five devices

  • There is no advance sales or service feature.

  • can’t send clickable messages

  • Installation of chatbots and automated messaging is not possible.

What if you want to send broadcast messages to more than 256 customers? If you are a large business looking to connect with thousands of customers, what’s the solution?

The solution to overcome the limitations of the WhatsApp business app is the WhatsApp business API, DoubleTick.

WhatsApp Business API is the best solution for enterprises and organizations. A WhatsApp Business API, also known as Whatsapp Enterprise, allows businesses to connect WhatsApp to a smart custom messaging platform like DoubleTick.

With DoubleTick, your team can access a centralized messaging inbox from any device.

DoubleTick is the heart of all your customer messages.

Key features of DoubleTick that make it a preferred choice for businesses

Here are the key features of DoubleTick that you can’t afford to miss.

WhatsApp broadcast and bulk messaging

  • Businesses can boost their sales and connect with thousands, if not millions, of prospective customers through the broadcast features.

  • Not just this, each customer will receive the message in his or her individual WhatsApp chat, thus offering a personalized experience to each one of them.

  • You also have the flexibility to add a call-to-action (CTA) button to the message you share on WhatsApp with customers.

Centralised inbox for teams

With the DoubleTick communication Whatsapp Business platform, the sales and service teams get a cloud-based central inbox that can be used to process customer inquiries and answer them without any delay.

Unified WhatsApp channel

With a unified WhatsApp channel, teams can manage customer queries and interact with customers seamlessly across multiple devices.

Automated notifications & response using a chatbot

  • As the number of customer inquiries increases, there is a need for automation.

  • With DoubleTick, you can use an AI-powered chatbot to solve customer queries within seconds.

  • Chat automation using a chatbot saves valuable time and also provides the flexibility to set automated replies for customer messages.

Create and save customer profiles.

DoubleTick helps keep an accurate record of all your contacts and important details about the contacts, including name, phone number, nature of business, chat history, customer journey, etc.

WhatsApp broadcast analytics report

  • With DoubleTick, you can get different metrics as part of the campaign analytics and Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns Ideas.

  • Some of the important metrics that you can see include the type of campaign, the status of the campaign, the number of messages sent, delivered, failed, read, etc.

  • The analytics report provides valuable insights about the WhatsApp campaign.

Comprehensive productivity reports

  • With real-time productivity reports, it is possible to manage the team’s performance better.

  • An in-depth understanding of productivity reports can help improve campaign quality and conversions.

With Whatsapp Business API, you can share messages in bulk with all of your clients. It facilitates you to reach your target audience without hassle.