Why do businesses and brands prefer sending messages on WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is the biggest and most popular messaging app in the world, with billions of users. Whatsapp Terms of service and Whatsapp Commerce Policy are user-friendly. Here are the reasons why businesses and brands prefer sending messages on WhatsApp.


  • Messages sent on WhatsApp have an average open rate of 99% and response rate of 40% (source: Medium.com), which is far higher than the average open and response rates of emails and SMS.
  • WhatsApp has a large user base of approximately 2 billion active monthly users (source: Statista). So, if you are aware of the importance of creating a brand voice, this gives businesses the opportunity to connect with more leads and prospective customers.
  • Unlike emails, WhatsApp does not have a built-in spam filter that automatically filters messages and puts the unwanted ones in a spam folder.
  • A WhatsApp message can be tracked. With the help of analytics, businesses can actually see the number of WhatsApp messages sent, received, and replied to.
  • WhatsApp is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. WhatsApp Web allows people to access web browsers on the PC or laptop as well.
  • WhatsApp enables businesses to share multimedia files as well, which is difficult with SMS and email. Also, with Whatsapp Business API, you can automate commercial communications like Staff Communications, Shipment Information, Order Status, travel notifications, payment reminders etc.
  • Unless their phones are away or they are on a digital detox, most people access WhatsApp faster than emails and read the messages they receive almost instantly.
  • Businesses can easily automate WhatsApp messages and send them to a large number of customers through automated notifications.
  • WhatsApp messages help businesses and brands deliver a top-notch customer experience by sending personalized messages to build trust and loyalty.
 If you want to grow your business and are not considering Whatsapp, it may be one of the biggest mistakes.